Grandma’s documentary challenge.

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Grandma’s documentary challenge.

Take Grandma’s documentary challenge, learn something exciting and have a lot of fun during your holiday. A blog with love from Grandma’s blogs of wisdom.

“Grandma, I’m bored.”

“Johnny, you can go outside and play.”

“I just did that. Will you read me another story?”

“I can, but… Hey, I have a better idea! Let’s learn something new.”

“Like what? I’m on a holiday from school, I don’t want to learn anything.”

“But, learning something new is fun. You can choose almost any topic and find a documentary about it.”

“What’s a documentary?”

“Oh my… A documentary is like a movie, only better. When you watch a documentary, you get to learn all kinds of new things that you can share with your friends and teacher. They are always entertaining, so you are learning in a fun way. Documentaries also show different places all over the world, so you can learn about other cultures.”

Johnny looks a little hesitant but says, “Okay…”

“I have an idea. Can we take a documentary challenge together?”

“A documentary challenge? What’s that?”

“During your break from school, we can choose a few documentaries to watch. Let’s think of some topics that you love and want to know more about. We’ll make a plan to watch three documentaries over the next 3 days. What do you want to learn about?”

Johnny thought for a moment, then said, “I love animals! Dogs, kangaroos, lions, and even sharks. Can I have a dog?”

“First, let’s see if we can find a good documentary about animals, then we’ll talk to your parents about getting a dog. Here is a list of a few documentaries that I think you’ll love. Pick one to watch now, and tonight at dinner, we can share what we learned with everyone else.”

Grandma opens up her laptop to begin searching for documentaries that she knows Johnny will love.

“Take a look at Awesome Animals

“In this video series, you can learn about the habits of many different types of animals including kangaroos, beavers, pigeons, and hogs. You’ll find out more about what makes them smart and what they like to eat.”

  • “We can check out YouTube for more Awesome Animals. Look at this one, it’s called Super Pride. You can learn about the intimidating lion as you travel to the Serengeti in Africa.”

  • “Or, you can try this one about our partners, the dog. It’s called Dog Genius. You can learn how clever dogs can be and how they evolved from wolves.”

Johnny screams in delight. “Yeah, that one. The one about dogs!”

“Before you choose, let me show you a few more.”

“You can also go underwater with What Sam Sees. Sam narrates everything she sees during her underwater adventure in search of eels. You will learn more about eels and other awesome creatures named Felix and Oscar.”

  • “If you’d rather see Sam go on a dangerous dive, check out this video about sharks. It’s called, Swimming with Sharks. Sam goes on a dive to learn more about the bonnethead shark.”

  • “Or, learn about the importance of sharks with Shark Dives, when Sam dives in the Atlantic Ocean to explain why sharks are so important to keeping a healthy ecosystem.”

“That one! I want the one about sharks!” Johnny yells excitedly.

  • “You can also learn about the smart and playful dolphin. You can watch this video called Discovering Dolphins to learn how dolphins are a lot like us. You will join Sam as she watches dolphins perform tricks.”

“Grandma, can we watch all of them?”

“Of course, we can.”

“Grandma, can I have a shark?”

Grandma smiled, paused, then said, “Anything for you Johnny, honey. But, let’s watch the documentaries first, then you can ask your parents.”

Yours sincerely,
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