What’s new in Paperz v1.2.1

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What’s new in Paperz v1.2.1

Paperz just got better with version 1.2.1. The release includes new features, critical bug fixing and enhancements for better user experience.

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New features

The key new features enclosed in Paperz v1.2.1 include:

Assignment count

Students, parents and teachers can now see the count of assignments due on the home screen.

Daily reminders

Daily reminders are finally live. Students, parents and teachers are now notified of assignments due today, assignments due soon, and the assignments missed by the student.

Progress report

Students, parents and teachers now receive weekly and monthly progress reports via email.

Enhanced user experience for teachers

We have made quite a few subtle improvements for the teacher to enhance their Paperz experience.

Improvements and fixes

Critical bugs

Bugs kill the user experience, so an app must be bug-free to deliver a smooth user experience. This release of Paperz includes fixes to the critical bugs.

Enhanced data security

We take data privacy and security very seriously. With the new release, we have implemented new measures to take the data security to the next level.

Better performance

The new version of Paperz is packed with various improvements and performance enhancements including smooth animations, better load time and improved response time.

App crashes on photo cropping

Recently, some users experienced random app crashes while capturing profile photos. This issue has been addressed in v1.2.1.

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